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A wide palette of women who want to take action for their career and business!

  • She has established (or wants to establish) her own business internationally or in the host country. Through active cooperation and networking, she is looking for connections to establish business resources and networks to promote her business, and exchange knowledge and experience.

  • The “odd man out”; either relocated internationally or moved abroad for her career, the professional expat women represent a minority in this male dominated global mobility world. She is looking to connect with like-minded women and expand her network.

  • She is highly educated and in the search for inspiration to boost her career or business. She is curious and well-connected, she is happy to help her fellow network members find the stepping stones in their profession and career in her home country.

  • Having lived through multiple relocations, she put her career on hold and is now struggling to find her niche again. Whether to reacquaint herself with her professional side, start a new career or business or simply to learn, she is ready to take action.

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