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Expat in Malaysia

Business set-up, employment and networking for female expats and local professional women.

  • Discover or re-discover your values, aspirations and strengths. With professional coaching and guidance you will take a deep look into yourself, before defining the position and leveling for your professional position. An intensive personal branding course customised to ambitious career or business women, who want to build a powerful personal brand and an impressive CV. The course includes business etiquette, voice coaching and negotiation techniques.

    This course claims signed NDA.

  • Mind-blowing networking for women who are looking to meet like-minded professional women in Malaysia. The LinkLounge is a unique group of professional women who inspires and motivates each other in building their business or empowering their career, by sharing ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow their business and take action to boost and move their business forward.

  • LinkMotility offer the expat- and local professional woman courses and lectures to help her boost her career or business. 
    From network meetings to career programs, full entrepreneurship solutions to business banquets, and from events to awards, LinkMotility has got it all. For dates, registration and more details, please subscribe our newsletter where all courses and events will be announced with a minimum of 2 weeks notice before lecture start.

  • A one-stop shop solution for entrepreneurs. The program includes setting up your business plan and budget, applying for licence(s), setting up a business bank account and learning how to market the business. Nail your target market and
    attract them using effective marketing strategies and an effective action plan. Professional visual identity and a solid start-up online and printed marketing solution included.

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