Trine Sofie Tveen Nielsen
Co-founder of LinkMotility, MD Communication

Prior to founding LinkMotility in 2016, Trine was founder and Managing Director for the branding bureau Boosting Business in Denmark, and Co-founder of Women in Business, one of the biggest professional network for women in Denmark. Previously, Trine spent nearly fifteen years in branding industry, eight of the years as a business owner. She is a graduate of the College of Art, Craft and Design, Denmark.

From Trine:
"In 2014 my husband got a job offer in Qatar, and we decided to go for it! Two months later, my branding bureau was sold, our home was packed, and we boarded the flight ready to begin a new life in The Middle East. I didn't give my career many thoughts as I took for granted it was something I could never loose. At ​the time I had no idea how​ far that was from reality!

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Nima Hassan Ali, J.D. , LL.L
Co-founder of LinkMotility, MD Legal Affairs

In her 10 years tenure as banker for the Credit Agricole in Djibouti, East of Africa , Nima has developed a deep understanding of business challenges in Emerging Markets in relation to business set up , commercial and jurisdictional risks.
In dealing  with multinational corporations or entrepreneurs she has always followed an approach to business risk management based on due diligence, rigorous compliance standard and a knowledge of the regulatory framework of the targeted market.
Nima holds a Bachelor of Law (L.LL) and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) with a specialization in International Law from the University of Ottawa in Canada.
Using her deep insight in business law and international market, she co-launched LinkMotility in 2016 first in Doha, Qatar then expanded to Malaysia.
 A professional and cultural “outsider” most of her life, she understands the need for a successful integration when living abroad. For her, the professional growth and the personal integration of the assisting spouse or partner is as important to the success of an international assignment that the quality of the selected candidate.


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