Every year, tens of thousands of people move overseas for various reasons, for some, it's the romance and adventure of the unknown; for others it is a relocation initiated by their partner’s emplo

With the demand from women to perform at an equal or better level than their male counterparts, business women sometimes assume they do not have the time for social engagement.

When relocating to Malaysia, expat spouses are often unsure on how to proceed to keep their career and to retain their professional identity.

You have propably always been told “Don’t’ judge a book by its cover “but we all do it. It only takes a few seconds, a brief glance to be catalogued, labeled and put in box.

One of the biggest hurdles of an expat spouse is to find employment that matches her interest, education or skills during each relocation.

Driven by a desire to switch the office for a laptop on the beach, to chase an international adventure, or to relocate for a loved one, more and more expats venture abroad.

Women networking events are commonplace these days. Women attend these events in droves and express excitement about the opportunity to connect with other business women.