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When registered, you will receive an email and a login to our online learning system, and you will have access to all homework for the course, group chat functions, upload and download of files, sharing option for you to share materials with other course participants and access to various inspirational materials. This allows you to tailor the process completely suit your needs and plans. All modules will take place four times during the year, so if you missed the latest, don't worry! You will be invited in good time for you to register the next, and all it takes is for you to subscribe our newsletter. 

The Program consists of various modules. Every module is a combination of intense classroom combined with e-workusing our learning system. You will receive further instructions and login to the e-learning system by email as soon you are registered. 

Our guest speakers are specially invited from industry to inspireandhelp us take a deep dive into the newest methods, tools and trends available in market. The Business Setup Courses is designed by LinkMotility, and some of the lectures, you will learn about branding and business setup solutions from the Founders personally.


The business program combine e-learning and classroom lectures with dedicated entrepreneurship study.
All lessons - online and in classroom - focus on vigorous debates, generous feedback and mutual inspiration and motivation. Entrepreneurs have a particularly positive approach to their profession, and it shows in the team work. We encourage the group to stay in touch after end of program, as sparring and sharing are free benefits for everyone.

Location for classroom lectures
LinkMotility Event Room, Plaza Arkadia Block A, 3-6,
Jalan Intisari 3, Desa ParkCity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

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​How to turn an idea into a startup?

​Starting a new business abroad

​​Business Setup
You may wish to advance your business idea but you are not sure where to start, or you may wish to promote your business identity, make a powerful business plan, or learn how to pitch investors, and know how to attract your ideal clients.

​This program is designed to provide the skills that are necessary to start a new business or organisation while living abroad. The program is all instructor-led, combined with online based homework, building your business plan step-by-step while taking a deep look into the fundamental cornerstones for entrepreneurship, such as finance, marketing and business set-up.

You are encouraged to apply the course materials to your individual business idea. If you already own a business, you can apply the learning materials towards running the business more efficiently as well as expanding the business to a new level. 

​This module will help you:

1. Define how profitable your idea is

2. Understand the market for your business idea

3. Clarify your idea's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

4. Choose the best solution for business setup

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Cross-cultural management skills

Culture awareness

Content of this module:

1. Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships)

2. Communication styles

3. Cross-cultural management skills

4. Working together across cultures

5. Developing cultural awareness

6. Language issues

7. Tips and strategies for Malaysia

Cross-culture understanding

People see, interpret and evaluate things in a different ways. What is considered an appropriate behaviour in one culture is frequently inappropriate in another one.

While we can never learn everything about every culture, when living in transit as expats, what we can do is know our own values and how they affect us. We can be determined to go beyond auto-pilot thinking and to question our assumptions.
We can approach working across cultures with curiosity and the intent to learn about others. Doing all this helps us to communicate more effectively and to avoid misunderstandings that lead to bad feelings and conflicts.

In communities, this translates into greater cohesion. In the workplace, it means higher productivity, creativity, and synergy.

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​How to build a strong foundation for growth?

​Business finance and cash flow

Business Finance and Cash Flow
This module is for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Small Businesses Owners, and is a practical, concise course on how to use cash flow forecasting in your business to build a strong foundation for growth.

You will simplify and demystify your business numbers so you can build your own specific business cash flow plan, using simple, easy to use templates. This makes understanding and populating the numbers fun and effortless.

If you are looking for straightforward, plain speaking advice on what numbers and metrics to use, this is the course for you, or if you want togrow a profitable business, safe in the knowledge you won’t get caught short on your money situation.

This module will help you:

1. To set yourself effective budget and managing an effective cash flow

​2. To measure the few but critical numbers for your ​business

​3. To keep track and grow your business

​4. Define the immediate actions you need to take

​5. Understand the basics of financial management

​6. Increase your chances of success

​7. Create a business that runs efficiently and profitably

LinkMotility Course Finance Entrepreneurship

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​How to ​lay out operational milestones?

​Business Plan

​Business Plan
Viewing your plan as a fundraising tool is just the beginning of the story, as you will learn how to use the plan for so much more for managing yourself, for operating the business and for recruiting. Before deciding to skip your planning phase, and finally consider all the implications and what they mean for your future success.

As part of your operational plan, you will lay out major marketing and operational milestones. When you are the founder, the only person holding you accountable to those results on a daily basis is you. So your plan becomes a baseline for monitoring your progress.

​Your business plan is how you drive the future. ​It becomes your sales force's goal. The plan lays out targets in all major areas: sales, expense items, hiring positions and financing goals. Once laid out, the targets become performance goals.

​This module will help you:

1. Build a powerful and useful business plan, ​and refine and reveal your true business model

2. Explain your service and/or product in few​ appealing sentences

3. Increase your business potential

4. Building a strong and attractive concept

5. Increase profits​ ​understanding the main business accounting principles ​and capital raising

6. Define your ideal clients

​7. Transform your business into its ultimate potential

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What is the best way to set up your new business as Expat ?

​Our experts can advise you on the optimal corporate structure for your need and personal situation. We are well versed in the regulations and procedures in registering businesses and cooperate with the best on the market to ensure you an hassle free experience.

LinkMotility will work with you to design and implement a multi-dimensional and strategic approach for the legal structure of your business right from the start . Issues such as taxation, wealth building and management , equity and shareholding structure, residence and employment pass as well as regulatory

compliance would be considered in offering you the comprehensive solution most suited to your business and personal goals.

As an expat opening a business abroad, the burning question is always "What do I do with my business if I leave the country?" Worry no more, we also provide a global mobility solution, so you can bring your business where ever you go.

Once the business entity is registered we can help you with the bank account opening. We work closely with several local and international banks and can arrange meetings and prepare all documentation.


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