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​Facts about ​the ​Career Program

Customize your own program
​​​​​​When registered, you will receive an email and a login to our online learning system, and you will have ​access to ​all homework for the course, group chat functions, upload and download of ​files, sharing option for you to share materials with other course participants and access to various inspirational materials. This allows you to ​tailor the process completely ​suiting your needs and ​plans. All modules will find place four times during the year​, so if you missed the latest, don't worry! ​You will be invited in good time for you to register the next, and all it takes is for you to subscribe ​our newsletter. 

The Career ​​Program consists of ​​various modules​. Every module is a combination of intense ​classroom​ ​combined with ​​e-work​ using our ​online learning system.  You will receive ​further instructions and login to the e-learning system by email​​ as soon ​you are registered​.

Our ​teachers and coaches are ​​carefully chosen ​among the most experienced and highly respected professionals from industry​. They will work with you to reach an even higher level of professional identity while living abroad, by equipping ​you with a skill set to help ​you take control of ​your career and take the next step with determination and focus.


The ​Career Program combine ​e-learning and ​classroom lectures with dedicated ​​career study. The learning will be a combination of ​vigorous debates, generous feedback and mutual inspiration and motivation. ​A confidentiality agreement will be signed by all students, ​as sensitive matters will be discussed during the program.  We encourage ​the group to stay in touch ​when program ends, as ​networking is an essential part of any employment success today​, ​a personal recommendation​ ​or lead often ​have big influence​. 

Location for classroom lectures
​​​​LinkMotility Event Room, Plaza Arkadia Block A, 3-6,
Jalan Intisari 3, Desa ParkCity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

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​Welcoming Event

​​Selamat Datang

Malaysia is ​a beautiful country and offers many new opportunities on a professional, personal and social matter for ​expats. 
​But ​as new residents ​in Malaysia, it can be a little daunting​ ​figuring out the stepping stones to get settled in a new culture. ​​

​This is why we arrange Welcoming Events four times annually, for all new arrivals to meet like-minded​ during this inspiring, festive and cultural ​event where questions can be asked and ​local and international ​experienced professionals will ​help you understand ​Malaysia history, etiquette and culture.

​We serve a great selection of traditional dishes and drinks ​as well as festive elements and surprises.

The ​​event ​covers following topics:

​Malaysia, past and present
​​History, ​myths, society​, traditions, ​folklore, culinary culture

​​Living in Malaysia
​School and nursery, maid, housing, health, safety​, driving, traffic and ​infrastructure

Social life
​Events, going out, activities, travel

​Professional life
​Opportunities for career in Malaysia,
self-employment and employment

Cultural ​Awareness

​Cross-culture understanding

​People see, interpret and evaluate things in a different ways. What is considered an appropriate behavior in one culture is frequently inappropriate in another one.

While we can never learn everything about every culture, when living in transit as expats, what we can do is know our own values and how they affect us.
We can be determined to go beyond auto-pilot thinking and to question our assumptions. We can approach working across cultures with curiosity and the intent to learn about others.

Doing all this helps us to communicate more effectively and to avoid misunderstandings that lead to bad feelings and conflicts. In communities, this translates into greater cohesion. In the workplace, it means higher productivity, creativity, and synergy.

​​​​​​Content of this module:

1. What is cultural awareness?

2. Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group
     dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships)

3. Communication styles

4. Cross-cultural management skills

5. Working together across cultures

6. Developing cultural awareness

7. Language issues

8. Tips and strategies for ​Malaysia

​Managing Change

​Life and Wellness Coaching

Find the motivation and tools ​you need to reach ​your physical and emotional health goals.
These goals might include losing a few pounds, a healthy diet, controlling the intake of alcohol, quit smoking and to maintain an overall healthy life style.

​We trust that ​our success is measured by ​improvements and that fitness, nutrition, and a positive attitude must support the goals set out by each individual. ​

​​The Managing Change ​module ​make an impact in ​ ​peoples life ​bringing awareness and ​result in changed or improved ​lifestyle​. ​​

​This module ​​bring back motivation​ ​and passion in ​life​, by provide the drive and guidance ​​needed to improve career, relationship, and life.
Experience a warm, accepting and ​very confidential ​lecturer, tailoring sessions to suit individual requirements.

The ​module help to:
1. Recognize skills and dreams
2. Refocus life's goals
3. Move past challenges that stand in the way of

     those goals
4. Find the motivation and tools to reach physical

     and emotional health goals

​Career Comeback​​​

​Career Coaching
Career Comeback has multiple options to tailor your professionally growth. It’s a comprehensive program which includes developing your self-understanding, determining your options and planning a clear and confident route back to work.

We ask questions to facilitate your thinking and use tailored tools and techniques to help you to make your career decisions.

We help you to maximize your chances of achieving a return to a working life that fits with your life abroad.

The content is tailored to meet your needs and we will work with you to clarify the best options for you and your circumstances. ​

​The ​module  include:

1. Understanding your motivations to work
2. Developing a clear view of your strengths and
     skills to help you to build​ your personal and
     professional self-confidence in a new country
3. Clarifying your interests and assessing your
     values and priorities
4. Generating and prioritizing alternative career
5. Planning for reality testing your options
6. Promoting your professional image by using
     strategic marketing and personal branding
     techniques for designing, enhancing and
     promoting your personal brand.
7. Understanding the various routes back to work
     in a new culture, including​ strategic​ volunteering
     and contract work


​Finding a job

As expat spouse finding a job or working in a capacity that reflect your skills and interests seems to be more often than not as arduous as the Holy Grail quest! Between the lacks of professional networks, language and cultural barriers, job qualifications or licenses not recognized in the host country or work permit issues, you don’t know where to start.

To rise to the challenge a “looking outside of the box” strategy is necessary.

It’s why our approach at LinkMotility is to work closely with you to create a personalized action plan. This may include professional networking events with local head-hunters and job agencies, mentoring with industry specific specialists or connecting with professional employment agencies (PEO).

​​​During this module you will learn:

1. ​What it takes for you to get a work permit

2. ​Which companies to target to maximize your
     chances for ​employment

3. How to make an action plan for your applications
4. How to​ keep you up to date in your field and
     expand your network.

5. How to ​sharpen your LinkedIn profile

5. How to write an appealing application

6. How to negotiate your salary and working

You will also be offered registration in multiple Professional Employment Agencies​.


​From idea to startup
You may wish to advance your business idea but you are not sure where to start, or you may wish to promote your business identity, make a powerful business plan, or learn how to pitch investors, and know how to attract your ideal clients.

​This program is designed to provide the skills that are necessary to start a new business or organisation while living abroad. The program is all instructor-led, combined with online based homework, building your business plan step-by-step while taking a deep look into the fundamental cornerstones for entrepreneurship, such as finance, marketing and business set-up.

You are encouraged to apply the course materials to your individual business idea. If you already own a business, you can apply the learning materials towards running the business more efficiently as well as expanding the business to a new level.

This module will help you:

1. Define how profitable your idea is
2. Understand the market for your business idea
3. Clarify your idea's strengths, weaknesses,

     opportunities and threats
4. Choose the best solution for business setup

​Find more modules ​for self-employed and entrepreneurs in the Business Program

​​Language Courses​​​

English Course, Beginners

Join our English Course and see how effective, personalized, and flexible it is for your needs. All in a very interactive way of learning so you will have the most fun you've had while learning.

We try to dedicate 75% of class time to speaking.  And while this is a lofty goal, we try to follow it because we are very dedicated to the “speaking” aspect of the language. Generally, if you speak well, reading and writing become far easier.

​Mandarin Course, Beginners

​Nowadays, there is an increasing number of

people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when ​living in Malaysia. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. ​
This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course.

​Malaysian ​Language Course, Beginners

​Start learning Malay today, and in a short time you could ​​impress local people in Malaysia, Sumatra, and even parts of Thailand and the Philippines.

So if you want to truly experience Malaysian life, create unique memories and lasting friendships, as well as enrich your stay in Malaysia, try learning some of the local language and don’t be shy to practice it with your Malaysian counterparts. ​


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