LinkMotility is a network for business women committed to promoting their career, leadership and entrepreneurship. Our members are local and expat professional business women in Malaysia.


We are a network of professional women from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. We are all women and we all share a similar goal: enabling and empowering each other to reach our professional goals, and - more importantly - to fulfill our own career aspirations.


Our members are highly educated women, who want to develop their skills and strengthen their network, whether they dream of entrepreneurship, boosting their career or getting back in business in their host country. They are a mix of local and expat professional business women looking for new interesting contacts.


Women connect on multiple levels. While many women are interested in learning more about business management and how to improve their own, they also want to share a more personal component. For instance, the personal challenges they face when running both a business and a family at the same time. An important part of networking is the process of women connecting with each other. They connect with each other through business challenges, successes and a desire to mentor upcoming business women.


Friendly, casual and open networking is key to our - and our partner’s- success. Our events are interactive to enable people to have meaningful interactions with each other and with featured speakers.


LinkMotility events fuel new friendships, business relationships and job opportunities by taking the awkwardness out of networking and creating a fun, welcoming environment.


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