With trusted partners we educate, inspire and motivate our members.

The partnership is based upon mutual trust and a commitment to support and grow the opportunities for all business women in Qatar and Malaysia.

The goal of LinkMotility’s Partnership is to increase research and training in targeted areas that could strongly enhance career opportunities for women in Qatar and Malaysia within the next 10 years. Networking events and training will be conducted through a partnership between local industries and government organizations.


It is expected that these partnerships will:

  • Generate new knowledge and higher skills with the strong potential to strengthen women’s career opportunities in Qatar and Malaysia, generate wealth, create employment and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Increase the number of highly qualified personnel in the local market, and enable the transfer of knowledge and expertise to Qatar- and Malaysia-based companies


The Partners:

Educational Institutions, Business or Corporates, Organizations, Profes-sional Networks, Hotels and Hospitality


Core benefits!

  • Corporate Social Responsibility | Wealth, Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Improves Public Image | Improved relationship with consumers and clients
  • Boosts Employee Engagement | Employee discount and profiling in articles
  • Enhanced brand values | Credibility by responsible and compassionate behavior
  • Increased Media Coverage | Profiling on location and in regular viral campaigns


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