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We would like to invite you as a guest speaker, to motivate, inspire and enlighten our members. Your audience will include expat women and local business women from numerous professional backgrounds and positions in Malaysia and Qatar.
We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to put you and your skills in the spotlight, and we are looking forward working with you!


The opportunity!

As a guest speaker and service provider, LinkMotility will offer you access to an audience that can become an ambassador for you. Our mission is to create a winwin solution where our members will get in
touch with professional service providers and where you will be able to grow your business and introduce yourself to an audience full of opportunities with whom you can grow meaningful connections.
Let us introduce you to your next client, service provider, employee or employer!


The exposure!

As a guest speaker, your personal and business profile will be boosted through a pre- and post-marketing event campaign:

Pre-marketing event

  • Series of articles about the event featuring topics on the guest speaker will be published in the Blog Forum on our website and in the LinkMotility monthly Newsletter
  • Personal and business profiles featured in articles / interviews with LinkMotility copywriters
  • Marketing campaigns on social media designed and run by LinkMotility
  • The possibility to link to your website to the articles and tag you or your company in the social media postings

Post-marketing campaign

  • The opportunity to use the recordings and the pictures taken during the event for your own marketing. All copyrights on those materials shall be the property of LinkFacility Inc.
  • During the event you would have the possibility to market and promote your own services and offers


Your audience ...

  • is a woman searching for inspiration and motivation to boost her career
  • is always looking for good contacts, inspiration and new opportunities
  • is willing to share her experience and contacts
  • is curious about other cultures, customs and methods

Local member
The local member is highly educated and her cultural background gives her a natural instinct to network amongst her trusted relations, which make her well connected. She has studied abroad and masters several languages to perfection. She is polite, humble (not to be confused with shy) and hard working, either selfemployed, employed or is starting up a business.

The Local Opportunity Seeker
Being raised in a country developing with an unprecedented growth in the last several years, and even greater growth predicted for the future, the local member wishes to take part in this development. She wants to explore new markets, change her career or perhaps even launch a new company or product.

The Local Professional
She is a highly educated business woman, hardworking and committed to her position. She is searching for inspiration to boost her career, smooth her work-live balance and still reach the next level in her career. She is curious, well connected, and willing to inspire her fellow members in business and life.

The Local Entrepreneur
She wants to break away from the man-dominated business culture of her country. Riding the new wave of female entrepreneurs, she belongs to a category of brave, independent and passionated
women in business. She is looking for inspiration and international contacts to help her enter the market abroad or wants to connect with the Expat-society to access the resources of experienced international “hands-on professionals”.

Expat member
The Expat member has a distinct international profile with a highly developed adaptability. Multilingual and multicultural, she has lived or worked in more than one country. As a professional, business owner or simply in transition of her career, she is focused on her professional and personal growth through leadership, education and networking. Highly educated with a graduate degree and in their prime (25 to 50 years old), these women are at different stages in their professional life.

The Expat Opportunity Seeker
Having lived through multiple relocations with her family, she has put her career on hold and is struggling with it. Either to renew her professional identity, start a new career or business or simply to learn, she is ready to take action.

The Professional Expat
The “odd man out”; either relocated internationally by her employer or moved abroad for her career, the professional expat woman represents a minority in this men-dominated world. She is looking to connect with like-minded women and expand her network.

The Expat-preneur
She has established (or wants to establish) her own business internationally or in her host country. Through active cooperation and networking, she is looking to connect with other established businesses and networks to promote her business, and exchange knowledge and experience.


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