Long gone are the days of following your partner abroad and assuming the role of housemaker while putting your own plans on the back burner. More and more expat women are pursuing their own international career abroad. Popular destinations are English speaking countries such as Canada, New-Zealand and the USA. But what if we told you that one the best destinations for women working internationally, is somewhere you’d never expect? Qatar is a pioneer when it comes to economic development for women.


This small Gulf State is quickly making way as one of the best countries worldwide for career-oriented women

There are many misconceptions about Qatar. The country is often misrepresented as being a male-dominated backwater where women are not allowed to work. They could not be more wrong. In modern-day Qatar, women are competing equally with men in the workplace. The state is on the frontier of economic empowerment for women in both business and education. In fact, Qatar has been dubbed one of the best countries worldwide for work-minded women to forge a career. With female employees emerging as the fastest growing group in the workforce, career opportunities for women in Qatar seem endless.

While Qatar still has some challenges ahead, previous factors that used to limit women in the workforce, are gradually reducing. Qatari women are increasingly joining sectors such as energy, defying all previous social constraints. On their part, the nation continually introduces social, political and educational changes to ensure better opportunities for women. The state has regularly expressed their commitment to improve women’s role in business, politics and society. As they acknowledge the crucial part women play in economic development, Qatar aims to increase the number of women in the workforce. In fact, increasing women’s economic participation is listed as one of the Qatar National Development Strategy and Qatar 2030 National Vision’s goals.


Big role model for women in the Middle East

A great inspiration and force behind this development, is former first lady Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. She has been a vocal advocate for women’s issues, supporting women's conferences, education opportunities and the creation of a government council dedicated to women's concerns. As a result of these advancements, Qatari women have contributed massively to fields of education, health, law, media, policy, banks and other sectors. They occupy many important leadership positions, including several seats in cabinet. Nowadays, Qatar sees a growing trend of female entrepreneurship. Young Qatari women are taking major steps towards building their own successful businesses. These efforts are supported by local organizations that offer women training in leadership and financial and legal advice. Meanwhile, several Qatari businesswomen have already made it on the list of the most influential women in the world.

This string of developments has opened the door to tremendous career opportunities for expat women. CEO of Global Women Qatar, Elsbeth Blekkenhorst-Tammes, described Qatar as ‘the perfect place to try out a whole new career’. Alongside a vast array of opportunities, Qatar offers the best financial incentives to move abroad, according to a survey amongst expat women. The nation tops the list of destinations for women who want to boost their salary. And it doesn't hurt that employers in Qatar provide the most
generous financial benefits internationally. As long as you respect the Qatari culture, such as religion and dressing modestly, the state is filled with many exciting opportunities. So why not try your luck in the richest country in the world?



You can find more information about networking events for professional women in Qatar here





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