Do you want to get rid of the “trailing spouse” label that’s become part of your life since your partner took on a new job responsibility in another country?
Do you find it hard to be in the back seat when it comes to your career?
Do you want to be back in the driving seat of your personal and professional life?

If you nodded your head in agreement to even one of the above questions, you really need to read on!!!

“Trailing spouse”, an expression coined by Mary Bralove from The Wall Street Journal in 1981 is defined as an individual who gives up a successful career to follow their partner when they get new career options in another country. Though some of these people are men, the majority is made up of women who have given up everything including their careers, their professional identity, financial independence and support network to trail their husbands when they make a career move to a new destination. It could be because of constant relocation, some destination has working restrictions that are hard to get around, adjusting to a new environment takes time, or finding a job there proves hard.

Whatever the reasons the Expat Spouse Blog Forum can help you gain back your confidence and help you get back on track of being the fabulous individual, wife, partner, mother or daughter that you truly are. It can help you connect, not only with others like you, but with those, too, that can help you get out of the rut you feel you’re in. It can help you find your way and lead you towards a new career opportunity through support and networking with working women or business entrepreneurs.

Here you will find inspiring stories of women who are “trailing spouses”, the problems they faced, and the hurdles they had to cross to take charge of their lives and, either to find a satisfying career in their new destination or find ways to enjoy their new role as a “trailing spouse”. You will also find information on how to gain back your professional or personal identity, how to become a force to reckon with and how to overcome any anxiety or negative emotions that may arise as a “trailing spouse” so you can play all your roles in life to the best of your abilities.


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