Panel Night is the one-stop solution for questions and answers, gathering all experts within topic. It is a theme based informational event where you can meet carefully chosen experts who will answer questions based on the event topic. This event is interactive, the more you interact, the more you will achieve.

You will receive a list with contact information (name, profession and LinkedIn profile) and key hanger (three colours symbolise fx. I’m an expert on the topic, I want to open a business, I’m a LinkMotility fan) will be handed out after registration.


When signing up, the you choose to be: a specialist (within the topic), an entrepreneur or an opportunity-seeker and will have the opportunity to ask three questions within the topic (Entrepreneurship, Back in business, etc.) The questions will be collected and combined with other participants questions; we will combine them into 8-10 questions for each topic. The questions will be forwarded to the panel before the event.


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    Budd (not verified)

    BION I'm imsdesper! Cool post!

    Jan 23, 2017

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