LinkMotility support expat spouses in Malaysia to find or refind their career or launching a global mobility business solution. 


Career Program

We will upgrade and fine-tune your professional identity, and personal branding from inside out. And you will end up getting an understanding of the Malaysian labor market and by a tailor made plan you will be able to achieve your preferred employment.


Step 1: Empowerment

Life coaching
•  Confidence, self worth & self esteem
•  The mastery of balance
•  Self care - Getting own needs met
•  Living the purpose
•  Managing frustration and stress
•  Managing change
•  Self & Identity


Skills screening
•  Skills and talents, order of priority
•  Engagement, innovation and passion
•  Skills, values, traits and characteristics
•  Expert issues
•  Ideal job description


Step 2: Preparation

Personal branding
• Elevating from competition
• Moving beyond branding blind spots
• Online identity
• Making a powerful impression
• Increasing referral potential
• Speaking engagements and language


Career coaching
•  Personal SWOT analysis
•  Employment strategy and action plan
•  Boosting the LinkedIn profile
•  Mastering networking


Application composing
•  Composing an irresistable CV
•  Composing an unique application
•  Composing an unique personal profile


Step 3: Training

Negotiating and interview techniques
•  Knowing your own value
•  Talking to recruiters (conversation)
• Market research (salary and working conditions)
• Prioritising your requests
• Getting an answer (and dealing with the aftermath)


Step 4: Entry - labor market

We invite you to join monthly networking events for you to meet and connect to local and expat professional