If you are a talented writer, with a relevant education or experience within english copywriting or article publishing we can help you promote yourself!

Instead of searching for more clients or your new employer, we will help you attract them! We will put your name in the spotlight by publishing not only your name and portrait, but also your profile as the author of each article you compose. And prepare yourself to become even more attractive in your network, who wouldn’t be attracted to someone who can publish their story?

You will interview a lot of interesting business women and if you are a good networker they will become the best possible ambassadors for you in the future! You will promote yourself cost free and become an even more attractive connection to everyone! You will have online professional references, easy to link to for your applications or sales material!

Your article will be published online in the Blog Forum on our website: www.linkmotility.com


We will promote the articles in the Newsletter and in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are welcome to share, link to and use all articles composed by you in your own marketing - as long as you use LinkMotility as a reference.

Please contact Trine Tveen Nielsen, Managing Director of Communication for more information:


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