“It’s time for expat women to invest in their own personal and professional growth “argues Nima Ali, Co-Founder of the new international network for professional women, LinkMotility. A recurrent theme in her conversation with many expat women, she said, is the call for recognition of the unique challenges they faced as “trailing spouses”. More often than not, they left behind a profession, a career or even a business for the good of the family and are not able to voice this loss out of misguided guilt. It’s what LinkMotility community is all about! Women doing what they are best at: communicating, sharing experience and supporting each other on how to make the most personally and professionally of this expatriation journey and how to transform challenges into opportunities.


Women need to take action

Nima Ali has lived, studied and worked in Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East and now in Malaysia . She is an internationaly experienced attorney specilaized in Business Set-up solutions and Entrepreneurship .  As a career oriented and expat women she knew first-hand how difficult it was to reinvent yourself professionally again and again without support. So when she arrived in Qatar trois years ago and once again the only existing support and resources were all about family and social life, she decided to take action. “I was amazed by this incredible pool of skills and talents wasting away because of a lack of relevant initiatives “. The idea of creating a professional network by women for women took shape and it took almost a year to set up the full concept in partnership with Trine Tveen Nielsen  an accomplished Professional Networker and  Branding Expert. In December, 2016 LinkMotility was launched in Malaysia and Qatar.

More than 50% of all expat women are highly educated women

According to the Internations survey -Expat insider 2015- 79% of Expat spouses moved abroad to follow their partners or spouses. The vast majority of them (84 %) are women and only 22% have a full time employment in the host country. The typical expat spouse is usually highly educated with postgraduate degree and was in dual earning dynamic couple before the move. Struggling with the loss of her career, she is also longing for her professional network. Either to renew with her professional identity, to start a new career or business or simply to learn, there is a great need to create a space where expat spouse could express and explore their professional side with like-minded women.
In general, the median time for residence for expats is three years. So, in this entry/exit society, women are struggling to connect and relate on a professional level. It makes it difficult to maintain a career or get back in business after being out of the loop for a while.

How will the professional women be able to use LinkMotility for this purpose?

The answer to that is: “Women connect on multiple levels. They basically don’t need anything else but a place, a time and a topic. We do the setup and invite. The members do the rest. What makes LinkMotility a unique setting for networking is the fact that it maintains the networking for all events. We have “Connectors” on location to spot the introverted members and make sure to introduce them to other participants. We encourage our members to bring friends, but we make sure they split up and meet other members as well. The topics for all events are business related. The focus is on empowering women in business and career, so though family topics are interesting, they will not be found on our agenda.”

No fees for membership, what is the catch?

LinkMotility is a no-fee membership network, and basically members only pay for hospitality; some events are even 100% free. So, the question is how is it possible to run a business with no income? Nima replies: “Well it is, because LinkMotility is not a business, it’s a networking concept. LinkMotility is a product founded and sponsored by our business, LinkFacility Inc., where we work with business set up and branding solutions.

LinkMotility can make a big difference for expat professional women worldwide by empowering women to make the best out of their international life. According to some studies, more than the third of all international relocation failed because the spouse didn’t adapt to their new life. This is where LinkMotility comes in. When it helps the expat wives to adapt and grow in their new location, it helps families adapt. When the family is well established, the husband has no worries. And again, when the husband isn’t worried, he can work better and stay longer. Happy wife – happy life as they say!"

The best part is that LinkMotility empowers all women, whether they are employed, unemployed, self-employed or opportunity seeking. So come and join us !


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