Life coaching is becoming more and more popular in today’s fast-paced world, with more and more people feeling the need to tweak their lives so they can be more positive, focused and successful in their homes and careers. That’s where Jeanine Bailey comes in!


Jeanine is a woman with a vision, a woman with an aim. That vision, that aim is to empower people and support them to live authentically, to find out who they truly are, to recognize their strengths and to be the best that they can be at home and in their professional life. She-together with her business partner Marie Quigley at Empower World-supports individuals, organizations and teams to empower them to create the positive change, fulfilment and success they seek.


This remarkable life coach and mentor has a long list of credentials, and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited coach. She is also and ICF approved mentor, NLP practitioner amongst other coaching credentials. Empower World's training programs have helped many men and women find their way towards a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Jeanine is a firm believer in coaching the whole person without compartmentalizing them into work or home. In this way, the transformation is much more powerful because they are able to unleash their hidden potential and deliver their very best whether at work or at home.


I was fortunate enough to meet this extra-ordinary business woman and listen to her talk passionately about the work she does and the difference she has helped make in the lives of many.



Why did you get into life coaching?

I got into it through a friend of mine who I met while I was working with Bell Pottinger. When I moved to Doha 11 years back, she had just started her training to become a life coach and she asked me if she could coach me for practice. As she continued to coach me, I became more aware of myself. I realized I had put a lid on doubts and fears, and was not recognizing my true potential, making excuses for not going for what I really wanted. When she stopped coaching me, she told me that as a coach she couldn’t advise me, but as a friend, she felt I would make a great life coach. It made me realize that I was often the ear that people would confide in, and maybe I should give life coaching a try. I flew back to Australia and started my life coach training, and right from the start, I realized this was what I wanted to do.


How did you start Empower People and Empower World?

After my life coaching training finished, I returned to Doha and back to working full-time with Bell Pottinger. I talked to my manager that I wanted to be a life coach and he supported me and heled me transition into that role within the company. During this time, I was embedded in Qatar Foundation’s communications department as a life coach for 18 months, and my dream of becoming a coach happened very quickly. As time passed, I decided I wanted to start my own business with Alison Ringrow, a fully accredited coach. Within three months, Empower People was flourishing, and exceeded even my own expectations. When Alison had to move back to the UK for family reasons, I was very fortunate to meet Marie Quigley when I was looking for certified, experienced coaches to work with me on a large corporate executive coaching project. Marie and I connected straight away sharing the same values and ways of working as a coach, and, soon after, we created Empower World, which we are incredibly proud of. Empower World is an ICF approved coach training and coach mentoring organization, which also offers executive and life coaching along with facilitation (workshops/training). We work with corporates, coaches and private individuals in Qatar and outside of Qatar.



Were you able to find many clients in Qatar who needed life coaching?

Absolutely. We have had a large number of women approach us and men, too. It’s a real mix; there are people who are working but want to improve their skills, people that want personal development, there are people who want to become life coaches or who have businesses but want to be more effective at work so they can lead and influence other people. People who are lost and don't know what they want to do, people who want a better life balance or better relationships personally and professionally. Essentially, we work with people who want to create change, whether it’s because they are not happy where they are or that they want to continue growing and expanding.  


We also find that if people don't see a coach one-to-one, and instead, if they join our coach training program, they not only go on a journey of transformation, they also learn the skills of supporting themselves and others. It's a double bonus. All the skills learnt during the life coaching program are transferable in so many different ways. These programs are basically about how people can communicate and support others effectively, how they can influence others in a positive way. We believe everyone needs a coach and Marie and I have enlisted a coach, although we are coaches ourselves, because it helps work through our personal blind spots when challenges arise.


How did you move from life coaching to training people to become coaches?

It started when I was working with my first business partner, Alison. We were approached by the Qatar Foundation. They had in-house coaches who were not officially trained to be coaches. We trained 50 people and then decided to develop a coaching program for people who wanted to become life coaches. But then Alison left Qatar and I did it myself. And then, I met Marie Quigley, PCC - International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach CPCC-Certified (CTI ) Co-Active Coach who had just moved from Dubai and Empower World was born.



Who would be your Empower World ideal client?

We have three categories in no particular order of importance: One is the executive/corporate coaching; these are a combination of people (mostly men, but also women) from the corporate environment who want to improve and be the best they can be. They may be struggling to perform at work and want to be the best at what they do; they may think they are in the wrong role or that this is not their skillset and, perhaps, they should be doing something else. The second is life coaching which draws mostly women (expats and local), but also some men who feel their values are being stretched which often means they will feel compromised or unhappy or lost. Perhaps, they are finding it particularly challenging with their children, finding it difficult to balance work and home and are struggling as trailing spouses. The third category is the life coach training; our ideal participants are 90% expat and local women, but we do attract men as well that want to grow, develop, serve and support others. Often, we have had women, mostly expats, who are struggling in their lives here in Qatar and this is putting a strain on their relationships. We try to help such women by helping them recognize what’s important and how to make changes to bring the relationship back on track. There are also people who want to become life coaches so they can make a difference, not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others; they want to move out of their comfort zones and do things differently and effectively.



What sets you apart from the competition?

Marie and I come from two really strong life coaching schools; we believe in continuous learning and we share this knowledge together. We also bring our different perspectives to people who take our training, and, as a result, we are a strong team. We continue to grow and develop by undergoing different courses and trainings throughout the year. The second thing that sets us apart is that we go deep into the heart and the mind by utilizing the latest techniques. We explore emotions and what they mean. As human beings, we are a bag full of emotions, so we cannot ignore them. Our aim is to help people use these emotions in a powerful way. We teach them how to listen to and understand the deeper meaning behind those emotions, and how to manage and use these emotions to get back on track. The third thing that sets us apart is that we don’t compromise on our service level. In fact, a corporate client recently told us that we were the leaders in this sort of work and conduct world class training.



What is keeping expat or business women from leading their best life, especially in Qatar?

I think it is a combination of different things and challenges that women face, especially when they are new in Doha: loneliness, sense of isolation, feeling of loss of identity, not being able to connect with people and not being aware of the networks available, and if someone is introverted, it may be harder to find someone with a similar mindset. All women come with a skill set-a gift; they may have been working before moving, so when they come here they may be unable to replicate that or find something similar, or if they want to set up a business here, they may not be aware of the procedure. All this can lead to a sense of isolation and a belief that “I am stuck!”



Name three typical challenges for a professional woman working in Doha or abroad that you can help overcome.

If someone at work is not feeling aligned and they are not sure if they are in the right place, we support them to work out what is important to them, what their purpose is and what their values are and somehow link it to what they are doing at the time. This may help them decide if this is a stepping stone to where they want to be, it may support them to recognize that they are in the wrong job and may help them find out what it is they really want to do. We help these people by setting them up with the right mind set so they can find what they truly want, because that’s what coaching is all about-programming the mind to look out for the opportunities that are available.


For women that are interested in getting a promotion but are stressed or overwhelmed, we look into their habits, beliefs and actions that are creating these mindsets through coaching techniques so they can create the success they want. We also help program their minds to focus on what they want versus what they don’t want.


For women that are not working, often the focus will be around confidence. Even if they have the skill set, they may still lack confidence or they may not have the skill set. We support these women to boost their confidence from the inside and coaching will be about understanding ‘self’, understanding who they are, what their purpose is, what they are truly meant to be doing, what is important to them and how they can develop the skillset they need to step into the role they want whether it is at work, home or volunteering. Our coaching is really about unlocking the resourcefulness, creativity, confidence and truth. It’s about peeling away the layers so these women can work out who they are and how they can utilize their passion and strengths to unfold the life they want for themselves.



What are your future plans?

One of our future plan’s is to work out an affordable program for women. We are also thinking of developing and conducting a free program in 2017 so people can learn how to self-coach and then from there, they can decide if they want to become a life coach or if they want to continue their own self-development journey.


Jeanine Bailey

Director and Co-Founder of Empower World
(executive and life coaching & approved ICF coach training)
and Empower People (life coaching)



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