The number of successful women entrepreneurs is on the rise. Today, a lot more women are taking the initiative and turning towards setting up and running their own businesses. Times have changed; there is more support and backing available to women in business who see it as a viable and lucrative career option. It may not always be easy; they may have to juggle family commitments and business responsibilities, but with motivation, dedication, the right networks and good mentors, anything is possible.

If you already have a business or think you want to start a business, this Business Women forum is the right place to be. This forum taps into women entrepreneurship issues, shares inspiring and passionate success stories of leading business women, gives advice on entrepreneurship and running a successful business, and discusses career management topics.


Come on in and take a look. If you’re involved in entrepreneurship in some way or the other, you’re bound to find something you like every time you visit us!


You can meet and connect with other inspiring women in our many events here

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