Every year, tens of thousands of people move overseas for various reasons, for some, it's the romance and adventure of the unknown; for others it is a relocation initiated by their partner’s employer or maybe a exciting new job opportunity halfway around the world.

Whatever the reasons for moving to a new country, it can be the catalyst of enormous changes in your career. Business opportunities in one country may cease to exist in another. Conversely, skills and qualities redundant at home, might flourish in another country. Therefore, pursuing one single career path may not always be for the best. In fact, it may be very fruitful to adopt a shifting, growing, portfolio of portable careers. With a broad range of inspirational articles, workshops and seminars, we arm you with practical advice on how to choose a business idea that works for you and how to develop the right mindset. We offer you a glimpse into the lives of other international entrepreneurs, as they share their journey with us. Find out how they managed to maintain and build rewarding,
portable careers in all four corners of the world. Alongside these inspiring interviews, we provide extensive links, resources and tips for expatriate entrepreneurs living abroad.


If you are considering entrepreneurship in a foreign country, this inspirational forum is your free tool box.

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