Its unsurpassed beauty, unique natural heritage and vibrant culture make Malaysia one of the most compelling destinations in the world. You will find postcard perfect beaches, impressive corals, and a wild jungle that will leave you astounded and refreshed at the same time. Its capital Kuala Lumpur is a cosmopolitan city in every sense of the word, with a vibrant culture, bustling shopping malls and incredible restaurants. This makes Malaysia a popular destination amongst expats who want a dose of adventure mixed with modern convenience. Malaysia offers expats a good quality of life, with excellent health care facilities, many international schools and relatively low costs of living. The country has plenty of employment opportunities with its economy growing at a rapid pace.


Over the past decades, it has transformed itself from a producer of raw materials to a vast innovation-based economy. Employment opportunities are not just there for internationally employed expats, but for traveling partners as well. Malaysia is one of only thirty countries to give expat spouses permission to work. While the journey to a work permit may not always be easy, the job market in Malaysia is vast. Moreover, the country offers several roads to opening your own business or start as a freelancer. With its innovation-based economy, Malaysia is the perfect place for you to spread your entrepreneurial wings and explore the market


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