The State of Qatar occupies a small peninsula in the Arabian Gulf. The country’s elegant lifestyle, waterfront boulevards and luxury shopping offer its citizens a high quality of life. From the colorful skyline to the golden bentleys, everything glitters under the Qatari sun.


With 14% of its households being considered millionaires, Qatar remains the wealthiest country worldwide. The nation finds its riches in its natural resources, petrol and natural gas. But rather than relying solely on its resources, the country is dedicated to diversify and enhance its industries. In just a few decades, Qatar has experienced rapid economic growth and unprecedented development in many fields. This makes it a country filled with opportunities for international job seekers.


Women play a key role in this development and the economic future of Qatar. They are marching ahead and taking their place in the dynamic workforce in various booming sectors. The nation is committed to increase women’s economic participation. Nowadays, female employees are the fastest growing group in the work force. Leading the GCC in women empowerment as well as women’s employment, there is no end to career opportunities for women in Qatar.


You can find more information about networking events for professional women in Qatar here

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