The Culture Club is interactive networking in a cozy local and traditional atmosphere, with the intention of connecting professional local women and expat women. This is a perfect networking event for professional expat women searching for more information about the local business culture and an insight into the business etiquette of their new host country.

A debate and interactivity based networking event with the purpose of connecting and bridge building between local and expat women with a focus on professional behavior and cultural understanding. The primary purpose of the event is to introduce the multi-cultural fast growing expat society to local business women with the purpose of exploring the many opportunities in business and professional relations combining the best from all cultures. The secondary purpose is  to develop new professional relationships that, in respect for the local traditions and etiquette can lead to new businesses, business ideas or employment.

The group will be enjoying a traditional dinner in a local atmosphere. Questions will be asked when you register and will be answered or used as a debate topic on location. The questions should concern do’s and don’ts, professional etiquette and how to find cross-cultural stepping stones in the country. Questions concerning religion and politics will not be an option!


Dress code: Business / traditional dress code


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