The local member are highly educated and her cultural background give her a natural instinct for networking her trusted relations which make her well connected.
She was studying abroad and master several languages to perfection. She is polite, humble (not to be confused with shy) and hard working, either as self-employed, employed or is starting up a business.


The Opportunity Seeker

Being raised in a country developing with unprecedented growth in the last several years, and greater growth forecast for the future the local member have wish to take part in the development by exploring new markets, change her career or maybe she is ready to launch a new company or product.


The Local Professional

She is a highly educated career woman, hard working and committed to her position, searching inspiration to boost her career, smoothing her work-live balance and still access next level in her position. She is curious and well connected, and she is willing to inspire her fellow-members in career.


The Local Entrepreneur

She is an outbreaker in her country’s man dominated business culture. Riding the new wave of female entrepreneurs, she belong to a category of brave, independent and passionated women in business. She is looking for inspiration and international contacts to help enter the market abroad or want to connect with the Expat-society to access the ressources of experienced international “hands-on professionals”.