LinkMotility Seminar is covering networking and business-related topics. Speakers come from academia and industry and the talks are open to all members. When possible, talks will be recorded and posted online. We typically start in the morning for a full-day event.

The events are intended for those who are looking for knowledge on a particular professional topic. It will either be hosted by an academic institution or in collaboration with a professional organization. The seminars will be organized in small groups for an interactive session with a focus on a chosen subject. The subject will be addressed either through a presentation or an academic lecture. During these seminars, questions can be raised and debates conducted.

We want our members to be motivated, energized and ready to go back to work applying a new technique they just learned. The motivational aspect of our seminars is supposed to bring new life to our members business and career by teaching them to apply new tactics they might not have known about before.


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