Unformal and interactive networking, ensuring personal contact to two or three persons.

The Walk'n Talk is the perfect networking event for the introvert personality to build up new relations. Interactive networking event where members will be paired two by two, two to three times while walking and exploring museums, parks or other locations with atmosphere that gives opportunity for personal conversations.

You will on registration receive a list with contact informations of the group members (name, profession and LinkedIn profile) and a keyhanger (three colours).
The colours will be useful when you change partner (pair up with purple, white or pink). The walking networking ends with a light lunch in a cafe or a place with private room, as the you will introduce your first partner to the group (it is easier than introduce yourself), and present the person you will meet the following week.

This meeting will be for you to introduce your new connection to an idea, another person that can help with an issue or sove a problem or simply to explore the oppportunities in the new professional relationship.

Dress code: Casual, comfortable wearings, hat (if outdoor) and walking shoes


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