Networking events!


  • Walk'n Talk
    Bring your walking shoes, business cards and a water bottle! Get ready to network, share your ideas and get on shape! We will pair you up two and two and you will experience how fun and relaxing networking can be.
  • Link Lounge
    Link lounge is the place to be if you want to network in a cozy atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack. Come and explore the many business opportunities and meet other professional women from a wide range of nationalities and industries.
  • Business Banquet
    Come meet professional women and those in business from around the world in an enjoyable and relaxing network dinner. This dinner is always followed up by a short lecture by an interesting guest speaker. Feel free to invite a colleague, client or friend and introduce them to your network. This event is open for men!
  • Panel Night
    The panel is carefully chosen to unleash the power of information to challenge your mindset, set up new goals or boost your career. To do so, we need a constant flow of ideas, energy and innovation – which is where you come in. Meet the panel and learn about what they do and how they do it. See how you can make your mark there.
  • The Chair Challenge
    In our experience, networking works best when you reach out for help. The Chair Challenge gives you the opportunity to be in the “red chair” and ask your network for help and feedback, whether on a specific problem, a challenge or a new idea. Registration and choice of topics should be completed in good time.
  • Culture Club
    When it comes to intercultural understanding, living abroad can be a challenge. Not only will you interact with the new culture of your host country, but also with other nationalities living and working abroad. Attend the culture club arrangements and upgrade your inter-cultural skills with bridge building communication tools. You will meet local business women and professional women willing to show you the stepping stones to live and work in your host country.
  • Retreat
    Join us for a mind blowing and exciting networking retreat. We will explore a chosen destination, while networking, learning and growing together. The destination will be chosen by our members. This retreat is not just fun: It will be an eye-opener and a great way to strengthen the ties between you and your network.


Educational events!

  • Workshop
    If you like learning-by-doing, the workshop solution is just the thing for you. Lessons may vary in length and content.

    Workshop examples
    • Create a compelling Curriculum Vitae
    • Improve your personal performance
    • Create a strong online identity
    • Find and boost your sales talent
    • International and intercultural communication
  • Certification
    Certificate programs are geared towards those who are looking for short-term training, leading to immediate employment. These non-degree programs are usually provided at two main levels: undergraduate and graduate. They are offered on a wide variety of topics, from soft skills to academic subjects.

    Certification examples
    • Life coaching
    • Accounting
    • Communication
  • Seminar
    Seminars are intended for those who are looking for knowledge on a particular topic. It will either be hosted by an academic institution or in collaboration with a professional organization. The seminars will be organized in small groups for an interactive session with a focus on a chosen subject. The subject will be addressed either through a presentation or an academic lecture. During these seminars, questions can be raised and debates conducted.

    Seminar examples
    • Entrepreneurship
    • How to set up a global mobility business
    • Grow your professional Identity
    • Career and life-planning
    • Cross cultural communication
    • Personal branding


Network across borders and cultures

Everyone knows how important networking is. Our mission is to teach professional women how to network across borders and cultures. Along these lines, we wish to grow business opportunities between local women in business and expat business women.

Networking skills

LinkMotility is committed to - by Educational Events and Networking Events - improve professional networking for women as it is known today. We will educate our members in network etiquette and personal presentation via presentation techniques with a focus on local understanding and cultural adaptation. When equipping our members with these very important skills, we ensure the members more success in networking, stronger connections and a deeper insight to control their personal performance.


Partnerships among entrepreneurs

We want to create a forum for local and expat entrepreneurs to find partners, suppliers and connections to help them grow, explore and enter new markets.


Sharing of knowledge

We want to create a forum where the unhindered flow of ideas, inspira-tion and motivation is the glue that bonds members to a world of opportunities. Professional dialogue will foster appreciation for our members and the role of women in business and culture in our society.


Cross-cultural understanding

The Cross Culture Club will help our expat members establish an understanding of local business approaches and will assist them in developing their own strategies for either working or conducting business in their host country. This will be established through a combination of in-depth background information and hands-on practical tips and solutions. These events will be developed in close cooperation with and by local business women, businesses and institutions.