With the demand from women to perform at an equal or better level than their male counterparts, business women sometimes assume they do not have the time for social engagement. But today, leadership is not just defined by the number of hours you spend on your computer. It is increasingly defined by your ability to connect with others, how you incorporate external perspectives and how
you navigate in groups. Networking takes time, but it matters.

Business men understand this. Just think about all the business trips, sport outings, industry conferences or social after-work gatherings. These activities are not just viewed as a means to male bonding, but as an essential part of building professional capital. That is why women were right to rebel against the all-male clubs or the boys-only golf trips.
Professional women face a different challenge. For many, the elusive work-life balance is paramount. They are busy at work and at home and do not want to spend more time away from their families or personal interests. As a result, networking ends up at the bottom of their priority list. This appears to be true even in social networking.

Women are missing an opportunity!

Networking not only expands business opportunities within company walls and externally. It creates that space where professional boundaries are softened by personality, often paving the way for women to be more effective in driving initiatives forward in the workplace. It allows women to find role models and business leads not available inside their office. Most important, social connections and professional engagement is what makes our jobs interesting and enduring.
Failing to network, on the other hand, can be damaging to your career. Women’s lack of access to informal networks is a structural obstacle to their career advancement. In terms of impact, it is comparable to lacking a mentor, or appropriate coaching and training.

LinkMotility has set up several arrangements for women to get access to such important networks. In the safety of these arrangements, women are encouraged to explore business opportunities, share personal challenges and seek support and advice.


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