Our Hospitality Benefit Partners provide a range of services for our members ranging from substantial cost savings to advice and support on key issues when required.

The exposure!

As a Hospitality Benefit Partner, your concept will be boosted through an effective pre- and post-marketing event campaign:

Pre-marketing event

  • Series of articles about the featuring topics on the hosted event will be published in the Blog Forum on our website and in the LinkMotility monthly Newsletter
  • Your business profile will be featured in articles reporting from each hosted event
  • Marketing campaigns on social media designed and run by LinkMotility
  • Each post will link to your website and tag your business profile in all social media postings.

Post-marketing campaign

  • The opportunity to use the recordings and the pictures taken during the event for your own marketing. All copyrights on those materials shall be the property of LinkFacility Inc.
  • During the event you would have the possibility to market and promote your own services and offers


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