We believe that interacting in a new culture
addressing the well-being of the assisting spouses or partners
in continuing their careers while abroad,
contribute to the overall success of an assignment.
and, therefore, enhance a company's bottom line.
Portable career
Global mobility solution
or study
Solving the dual career issue for expatriate families

​dual career issue in numbers

​Based upon KPMG Global assignment policies and practices survey, 2016 results

​No thank you!

Employees facing the dual career issue
are less likely to put themselves forward
as candidates for assignment.

​Result in failure!

The dual career issues increase
the chance of assignment failure.

​Shorter assignment!

​​The dual career issue reduces
the length of assignment the employee
is willing to take.

​spouse care program

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​Introducing Malaysia

​​Intercultural training, customs and etiquette

​Managing change and language courses

​Entrepreneurship and 
​career program

For more than 25 years, the dual-career issue has been the most common cause of assignment refusal and a major factor hindering trailing spouses’ adjustment. Typical of many trailing spouses is that they are women, college-educated, career-focused, independent and unwilling to give up their own careers to support their spouse.

For those that do relocate, many are increasingly ‘serial movers’ relocating multiple times. But with each move, they face huge barriers to employment: lack of access to a work permit, labour markets that do not recognise their qualifications, an inability to commit to long-term job tenure, language and cultural differences, local stereotyping and prejudice. 

The trailing expatriate spouse or partner has to redefine their confidence and understand that courage is the main ingredient for a successful comeback when living abroad.

The LinkMotility Team works with members to help them build their confidence and gain the courage to re-start or reach an even higher level of their professional identity, by equipping them with a skill set that supports them in taking control of their relocation, career or entrepreneurship to take the next step with determination and focus.

​We believe that interacting well with a new culture
and addressing the well-being of the trailing spouse or partner
in continuing their careers while abroad
contribute to the overall success of an assignment.

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