Employment Solutions

Sometimes finding a job as expat spouse or partner is only the first obstacle of a hurdle race! Dealing with work permit, employment pass and other regulatory compliance associated with employing an expat can be quite a deterrent for a local employer. 

Worry no more! Through our expert partner network and in-house experts, we can assist you and your local employer in a cost effective and seamless way to facilitate your employment in Malaysia. 

Work Permit

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Migration Services 

With our Migration Services, we will work with you to facilitate your sponsorship for employment purposes and ensure all employment passes, working visas are obtained. 

Employer of Record 

In collaboration with our partner network, we can provide a legal and compliant engagement process to your future employer trough an Employer of Record service. The Employer of record can engage you on behalf of your local employer and take care of statutory, regulatory ownership and management that are applicable to your geographical location 

Setup Process

  • You find the job and work out the details of your employment contract 
  • We assess the best solution for your situation: Migration Service or Employer of Record service
  • You let your local employer knows that you are using our services and pass their details on to us.
  • We will contact them and get the necessary procedures in place.
  • You start working and concentrate on your job 

Freelancer Solution (Umbrella Service Solution)

You want to start your portable career and work as an independent contractor but not ready to commit to a full-fledged business set up solution. LinkMotility Umbrella Service is your solution! 

We will be your corporate solution for your contractual and payroll needs, which includes contractual engagement with your client and assessment to determine the most appropriate form of engagement. We ensure you are compliant at all times and can manage all administration and necessary tax obligations for you. No joining fees or tie-ins, you only pay for our service when you are working. 

The Process

  • After securing the project, you will sign up with LinkMotility and we will send you a contract 
  • After joining us , your will notify your Client that you are using our services 
  • We will enters then enters a contract for service with your client on your behalf
  • We will raise and issue invoices for the services you perform, collect payments from the Client and pay your net direct to your personal bank account. 

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